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Smeg PM3953D hybrid gas-induction hob 90 cm black glass

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Hybrid hob - Size 90 cm - Black color - Traditional built-in


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In addition to a refined aesthetic and a contemporary design, Smeg induction hobs are equipped with innovative technologies. The Multizone function guarantees maximum flexibility of use of the hob and infinite cooking possibilities, expanding the cooking area to adapt to the shape and size of different pots.


The minimal design is combined with an easy management of the cooking areas. Thanks to the Autopot Detection system, the hob automatically detects pots starting from a diameter of only 9 cm. Thus, you no longer have to worry about activating the correct area.


The new technologies applied to Smeg induction hobs do not neglect sustainability: in fact, they are equipped with specific functions to improve the energy savings such as the Eco-Logic Advance system, the most flexible power limitation system, up to a minimum of 2.4 kw.


The new grill function is specially designed to distribute heat evenly over the entire cooking surface. Just select the dedicated function and place the grill on the left side of the hob to obtain perfectly grilled meats, fish and vegetables with just two minutes of preheating the plate.


Family: Hob

Size: 90 cm

Type: Mixed

Built-in: Semi-flush p >

Power supply: Mixed

EAN code: 8017709290221


Color: Black

Finish: Glass

Aesthetics: Classic

Material: Glass

Glass type: Ceramic

Knobs color : Stainless steel effect

Type of control adjustment: Knobs

Position of controls: Front

N ° of knobs: 1

Slider: Yes

Glass edge: Straight

Glass on Steel: Yes

Grids: Cast Iron

Burners: Smeg Contemporanea

Burner material: Brass

Screen printing color: Gray


Total number of cooking zones: 5

Number of gas cooking zones: 1

Number of induction cooking zones: 4

Time programming options: Automatic switch-off p >

Number of cooking zones with booster: 4

Number of flexible zones: 2

Main on / off button: Yes

Power levels: 9


Multizone Option: Yes

Flexible Zone Type: MultiZone

End of cooking timer: 4

Pause option: Yes

Timer: 1

End of cooking acoustic alarm: Yes

Remaining time indicator: Yes.

Power Limiter Option: Yes Advance

Power Limiter Option in W: 2400 to 7400 - step 100 W W

Show Option Room Demo: Yes

Grill Function: Yes

Button Lock / Child Safety Option: Yes

Automatic heat retention function: Yes

Bridge option: Yes

Quick start: Yes

Quick selection of levels: Yes

COOKING ZONES < / str ong>

1st zone position: Central left

2nd zone position: Rear central

3rd zone position: Front central

4th zone position: Rear right

5th zone position: Front right

1st zone type: Gas - Ultra-rapid

2nd zone type: Induction - Multizone

Type of 3rd zone: Induction - Multizone

Type of 4th zone: Induction - Multizone

Type of 5th zone: Induction - Multizone p >

2nd zone dimensions: 24.0x18.0 cm

3rd zone dimensions: 24.0x18.0 cm

4th zone dimensions: 24.0x18.0 cm p>

5th zone dimensions: 24.0x18.0 cm

Central multizone dimensions: 385x230 mm

Right multizone dimensions: 385x230 mm

Power 1 ° zone: 6.00 kW

2nd zone power: 2.10 kW

3rd zone power: 2.10 kW

4th zone power: 2.10 kW p >

5th zone power: 2.10 kW

2nd zone double booster power: 3.00 kW

3rd zone double booster power: 3.00 kW

Double boost power er 4th zone: 3.00 kW

5th zone double booster power: 3.00 kW

2nd zone booster power: 2.5 kW

3rd zone booster power : 2.5 kW

4th zone booster power: 2.5 kW

5th zone booster power: 2.5 kW

Central Multizone booster power: 3.60 kW p >

Right Multizone booster power: 3.60 kW


Type of gas: G20 Natural gas p>

Automatic adjustment to the diameter of the pot: Yes

Automatic detection of the pan position and command: Yes

Detection of the presence of the pot: Yes

safety: Yes

Quick start under knob: Yes

Auto-stop in case of overheating: Yes

Auto-stop in case of overflow: Yes p>

Residual heat indicator: Yes

Protection against accidental ignition: Yes


Energy consumption zone 2: 198 Wh / Kg

Energy consumption zone 3: 191 Wh / Kg

Energy consumption zone 4: 191 Wh / Kg

Energy consumption zone 5: 195 Wh / Kg


Nominal gas connection data: 5900 W

Nominal electrical connection data: 7400 W

Voltage (V): 220-240 V

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Electric cable type: Mono and Bi-phase


Product dimensions (mm): 45x900x510

Product depth (mm): 510 mm

Product width (mm) : 900 mm

Product height (mm): 45 mm


Semi-flush: built-in solution for tops and sinks with edges up to 4 mm that combines ease of installation with a minimal design.

Slider-Control: The particular Slider-Control device allows you to adjust the heat of the four zones with simple circular movements of the fingers on the controls.

Glass-on-Steel: The Glass-on-Steel solution envisaged, on Smeg glass hobs and sinks, provides a stainless steel sheet under the glass. Aesthetically invisible, this device increases the sturdiness of the hob: in fact, even in the remote event of an accidental breakage, the splinters do not disperse, but remain attached to the hob.

Cast iron grids: < / strong> These grills are resistant to high temperatures. Solid and sturdy, they have been designed to facilitate the movement and repositioning of the pots on the hob.

Booster Option: The Booster Option on induction hobs allows the plate to work at maximum power, when it is necessary to cook foods that require very intense cooking.

Multizone Grill Function: With the Multizone option, the cooking zone can be used as a a large cooking surface, or divided into two distinct zones. Each automatically adapts to the size and position of the pan and heats only the necessary area, ensuring the best heat distribution and maximum effectiveness.

Quick selection: With the option Quick selection cooking starts at the maximum temperature level and then automatically decreases after a certain period of time.

Timer: The timer can be used to program the switching off of the cooking zones after a set operating time, variable from 1 to 99 minutes. At the end of the preset period, the plate switches off and an acoustic signal sounds.

Elapsed time: This function allows you to check the time that has elapsed since the start of a cooking. Fast forward: The Fast forward key rapidly increases the power level according to preset settings, making the heating element work at maximum until the temperature is reached.

Control lock: The option command lock, present on different types of products, allows you to lock all the functions and programs set, as well as the commands, for total safety especially in the presence of children. Possibility of limiting the total energy absorption of the hob in an advanced way

Anti-overheating: The Anti-overheating system causes automatic shutdown when the temperatures exceed the safety ones

Anti-overflow: The special Anti-overflow device switches off the hob in the presence of liquid overflow.

Automatic and permanent detection of the pot with automatic activation of the commands

Residual heat indicator: After switching off the cooking zone, the residual heat indicator indicates whether the zone is still hot, thus using it to keep food warm. When the temperature has dropped below 60 ° C the light will go out.

Ultra-rapid burner: Ultra-rapid is defined as the burner with a power of at least 3.5 kW, which can be single, double or triple crown.


Data sheet

Larghezza forno
From 81 to 90 cm
Black glass
Number of fires

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