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Louis Poulsen Moser Suspended lamp 25 cm white

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Manufacturer: Louis Poulsen - Designer: Anne Boysen - Color: - Height: 60 cm - Diameter: 60 cm - Light source: LED 3500K 16W - Ean: 5714693005796


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Moonsetter by architect and designer Anne Boysen was the winning project of the Next Danish Design Classic competition broadcast on Danish national television in 2020. The competition judges immediately recognized the qualities of Moonsetter for its simple design, clean lines and its classicism. Moonsetter's design is based on geometric shapes that blend the circle, square and cylinder into an artistic and unique configuration. After creating the first floor lamp prototype for the design competition, in partnership with Louis Poulsen, Anne Boysen continued to propose this type of design. In 2021, the lamp was introduced in Denmark in numbered editions of 100 pieces.

The sculptural aesthetic of the floor lamp is at the center of every environment, almost like a work of art. Its 360° rotating disc with a different finish on each side, allows us to decide how to reflect the light in the room and exactly how the environment should be reflected on the mirrored surface of the lamp. Moonsetter invites us to interact and explore, not only by looking at the quality of the design, but also by listening and feeling its perception. Moonsetter blurs the lines between sculpture and light source and has an aesthetic as well as functional purpose. Moonsetter's impactful size naturally draws attention and creates a room within a room that can take shape through reflections and light. The lamps are numbered in editions of 100 pieces per edition and will be engraved with the edition number and a sequential number from 1 to 100.

Lighting system

Lighting system


The sculptural chromed aluminum floor lamp is equipped with a rotating disc that allows you to customize the reflection of the glare-free light emitted by the LED light source elegantly hidden in the frame. The disk rotates 360° around its axis and is white on one side and reflective on the other. Orientated towards the white side, the light becomes soft and diffused, while the opposite chrome side directly reflects the light panel to create a totally different expression. The light is directed according to the position of the disk. The surrounding environment is reflected in the frame and the chrome side of the disc. The lamp offers continuous dimming and is turned on and off with the rotary foot switch positioned on the cylinder.

Product details

3500K 16W LED source

Other information

Frame: polished chrome-plated solid die-cast aluminium. Disc: Solid die-cast aluminium. Polished chrome on one side and liquid painted white on the other side. The light is emitted through an opal silicone diffuser. Cable Type: Black PVC Cable. Cable length: 2.5m. LED adapter: separate, to be connected to the power socket. On/off: rotary switch on the cylinder with continuous adjustment. Turn the light on/off by turning the switch on the light dimming cylinder. The reflecting disc can rotate 360° around its axis. The lamps are numbered in editions of 100 pieces per edition and will be engraved with the edition number and a sequential number from 1 to 100. For the LED replacement kit contact Louis Poulsen.

Dimensions and measurements

Dimensions (mm):300 (width) x 600 (height) x 640 (length)

Weight: 20.5 kg


Cable type: Black PVC cable. Cable length: 2.5m. LED adapter: separate, to be connected to the power socket. On/off: rotary switch on the cylinder with continuous adjustment. The disk can rotate 360° around its axis.

A lamp to live in

Today a Moonsetter lamp dominates the Anne Boysen's living room, under her study, on the first floor of a splendid Funkis villa where she lives with her family in Køge, outside Copenhagen. It looks big. She laughs and confirms that it is.

"The Moonsetter lamp was created to be large. It must have a certain volume so that the observer can perceive it with the whole body. This is the basic idea, to understand how the observer perceives light . So, I made it big enough so you can use your arms and legs and take it with your whole body."

Anne shows us that the white side of the disc delicately diffuses the LED light, immersed in the frame, while, by rotating the disc on its axis, the mirror-polished aluminum side reflects the light. Furthermore, it is possible to adjust the light with the foot via a switch which also acts as a dimmer.

"The fantastic thing, I think, is that the lamp is perceived in ever-changing ways. Adjustable lamps are often kept in a fixed position. Instead, people tell me that they never stop moving this lamp, because they play with it. In our house we rotate it a little every day. And, depending on its position and the point from which you observe it, the lamp reflects different parts of the room and in a certain way becomes an object, merging at the same time with the room".


Great simplicity

Looking at Moonsetter, it doesn't seem like the kind of lamp that can be created in a couple of days. Instead, that's exactly how it went. The televised competition had strict deadlines, so Anne Boysen knew she had to have something ready to show her team of craftsmen on Monday, after receiving instructions late Thursday evening.

So, as she does every time she starts a new assignment, Anne Boysen sent her family to the countryside for a few days, to have the house free and concentrate on the instructions received. On Friday evening, there was a full moon and Anne Boysen, sitting at her desk behind closed curtains trying to fulfill her assignment, suddenly saw it.

"The moonlight filtered through a small gap between the curtains and a ray fell on my desk, where there was a mirror that I had used to create a sofa. I looked at the mirror, which reflected the light of the moon. So I rotated it and played with it, thinking about the power of light rays."

Anne Boysen began recovering materials from the dustbin, observing what happened by placing a piece of white cardboard and other materials in front of the light, impressed by how much the atmosphere and light changed depending on the materials used. The concept of Moonsetter soon became clear.


She remembers making a model to show to her lighting engineer and her team of craftsmen. And even though it was ugly, as she says, it did the job. The idea, the depth and simplicity of the model of the lamp convinced everyone.

"I understood that I was on the right path. A visual reminder that invited interaction to delve deeper into the discussion. The lighting engineer, the craftsmen and I understood that I had to go through with it. And it worked. I think this idea was the fastest of anything I've produced. And it was also the easiest to make."

As a work of art

Moonsetter's sculptural appearance is also no coincidence, as Anne Boysen attended several art schools , where he worked extensively with sculptures and learned to create changing experiences by moving around them.

"When I received the instructions, I wanted to create something that would fit in my living room. I don't have any other pieces in my living room, so it had to be something I enjoyed looking at every day. And to achieve that goal, it had to be something clear, simple, but also expressive. Like a work of art, like a sculpture that you never get tired of looking at."

If we look at all her creations from the past, we realize that Anne Boysen always invites users to play. He wants them to have an experience, to become part of the design and to grasp the small differences he tries to communicate. As far as she's concerned, it's mostly about being able to delve deeper into her creations and do things correctly.

Make an effort

Observing society in general, Anne Boysen understands that the tendency to always want more prevails, which is why an ever-increasing number is introduced largest number of products, many of which are short-lived. For this reason, it is important for her to know how to create in a different way. He prefers to spend more time developing his projects so that they have depth and retain their raison d'être even in 20 or 50 years.

"I really try to make an effort. And I think a lot about what I want to convey, because, if you look closely, there are already enough chairs and lamps around us. For this reason, if I have to create something, it must be an original contribution, something never seen before".


Data sheet

Larghezza forno
21 to 30 cm

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